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Mankind began to explore space more than fifty years ago, but flights to the stars are still available only to professional astronauts, and even a couple of tens of billionaires around the world, able to pay for space tourism. And on other planets, not counting the moon, and no one is flying, even on the nearest Mars has not yet set foot human. Therefore, if you dream about space and other planets, but in the cosmonaut squad you do not take, you can realize your dream in quests in reality. This section presents a few dozen scenarios of quests in space - from the development of new planets, to the fight against aliens, from life on Mars to wars between galaxies – in General, the stories for every taste. And they all take place in the scenery, repeating the decoration of spacecraft and stations from fantastic movies: futuristic design, a lot of electronic gadgets and, of course, mixed reality technology.
By the way, the creators and decorators of quests in reality often use the latest achievements of science and technology for space quests. Therefore, they can be seen and robotic hands, and virtual reality glasses, and touch screens, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a spaceship from the future. Therefore, quests about space-it is also a kind of journey in a time machine for several decades to come,and the era when flights between the stars will become commonplace, and space and is available to everyone.

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