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What would our world look like now if two hundred years ago we had perfectly mastered the mechanics of steam engines and would not invent any other sources of energy? People who ask this question, a few in the 80-ies of the last century United in a direction that is called steampunk (derived from the English words steam "steam" and punk "garbage"). Anachronistic inventions like dirigibles and other technologies of the nineteenth century, then combined with the elegance of the costumes and clothes of Victorian England: dark corsets and full skirts. Hold on tight: you will have an exciting journey through time in an era that never came: the era of steam engines and mechanical robots. Steampunk-style quests are always a bit naive, because all these huge steam engines are very similar to giant children's toys. But behind the fairy-tale facade there is a cynical reality, because steampunk is actually an dystopia. Spectacular scenery that will create around you the atmosphere of antiquity, complex mechanisms, with a lot of incomprehensible details. Steampunk quests - a lot of polished wood, copper pipes and strange little things, the purpose of which is difficult to understand at first glance. Put on an indispensable attribute of any real steampunk-goggle points (remember how the mouse nuts from the Disney cartoon about chipmunks Chip and Dale) and forward, to fight with steam engines and the time itself, which ruthlessly took us from Victorian England in the world of technological progress.

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