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According to statistics, more than half of Russians – namely 58 percent-would like to revive the Soviet Union. Unfortunately for them (and maybe, in fact, fortunately), the authorities are not in a hurry to return us to the era of socialism. But to travel by a time machine 50 years ago, however, not the whole country, but only its individual representatives, is still possible. Quests about the USSR-is a section in which we have collected all the nostalgic quests in reality, dedicated to our Soviet past. Now you can get into the bunker of Joseph Stalin and find out how he lived and what the leader of the peoples was hiding, get into Nikita Khrushchev's office to prevent the Cold war from turning into a nuclear, or even try to find a way out of an ordinary Soviet apartment, with a black and white TV and a carpet on the wall. Or maybe your mission is to save the Homeland during the great Patriotic war, serving for an hour in the red army? Quests about the USSR-is not only a great place to spend time with their parents, bored at the time of his youth, but also to feel the spirit of the country, which most of the current kvestomanov found students, and even in diapers. Quests about the Soviet Union is an opportunity to remember all the good things that happened in those 70 long years, and to hide deeper memories of the bad. The benefit of the deficit in the country for many years, no: even among the Soviet quests, what you will see in this section.

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