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Топ квестовЗомби-апокалипсис: квесты про живых мертвецов и сценарии конца света в по

One day the dead will leave their graves and attack the living. Or maybe the population of the Earth will be struck by a terrible virus that turns the inhabitants of the planet into the likeness of the dead? Scenarios of the zombie Apocalypse a long time excite the imagination of horror fans and writers of Hollywood films: it is no coincidence for him to shoot several films a year. Has not bypassed this theme party and Kostroma the quests on zombie enjoy stable popularity in all countries, from the United States and ending with Thailand. Typically, these questrom do in the genre of performance – that is, actor. The classic version of the quest is a zombie, chained to one of the corners of the room, the chain of which every five minutes a little longer. If you touch someone from the team, he is out of the game, so move around the location to be very careful, and the puzzles to solve as soon as possible – at the last moment you can not get to them. However, the same genre include games without elements of performance: for example, those quests in which you need to look for a vaccine against the zombie virus, or find a way to get out of the room, which according to legend will soon burst hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. A great opportunity to prepare for a possible end of the world and learn to act in an extreme situation face to face with the living dead – after a zombie quest in such a scenario you will not scare.

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